Heichal Moshe



Heschal Moshe Shul, located on the upper West Side of Manhattan boasts a rich tradition of yiddishkite and continues to attract Jews from all parts of the globe with its gracious hospitality and thirst for Torah. Rabbi Lev Lvi Vorhand of blessed memory founded Heichal Moshe in _____ and passed his legacy onto his son Rabbi Moshe Vorhand Shlita in ____ who has overseen the shul’s growth and maintained the tradition established by his father.

Before the war, Rabbi Vorhand was Chief Rabbi of Czechoslovakia and played a large role in arranging illegal transport of 1500 Jews to Palestine on the onset of the Holocaust in 1939. After being liberated from a concentration camp near the end of the war, he again became a great force of movement for displaced European Jews and set out to rescue refugees by arranging for their passports to safe residency.

Rabbi Lev Lvi Vorhand

Although the position of Chief Rabbi of Australia was offered to him, Rabbe Vorhand decided to settle his family in the United States and founded Heschal Moshe Congregation on West 91 Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Yeshiva Ketana in Manhattan and HASC for special children was to follow as a strong Bais Yaakov School, which provided essential education for students no matter what their financial situation was. Rabbi Vorhand also ran the Rabbonim Aid Society and helped organize the first Gemach on the West Side and The Oneg Shabbos Group which assists families by providing Shabbos meals.

Heschel Moshe, now under the leadership of the Rav’s son Rabbi Moshe Vorhand Shlita, is proud of three strong daily Minyans, DafYomi, Torah and Halacha classes, as well as a Mikvah on site. In addition to his rabbinical responsibilities, Rabbi Moshe Vorhand Shlita has established himself as an accomplished author of numerous seforim. The Vorhand Shul has gracefully grown into a welcoming place of worship with a very diverse group of Jews. The all-encompassing sense of warmth is a prevalent tribute to the Vorhand family and continues to lead Heschal Moshe into the future with strength.